The Worksopian magaizneThe first Worksop College magazine appeared in September 1895. Back then the magazine was published on a monthly basis, later moving to termly and from the late 70s to an annual publication. Digital copies of almost all editions of the magazine from 1895-2013 which can be found here.
Fluer de Leys, 1900Houses (or Dorms as they were first known) are as just as important today as the first were established in 1895. Houses spirit is a vital part of College life and as a result OWs feel a huge amount of attachment to their past house. Archived information relating to houses can be found here.


OW magazineThe old boys newsletter (for many years) was a section in the rear of the Worksopian magazine, however in the mid-90s it was made into a separate publication. We have a number of digital versions of the newsletter available here.
J.W.F. McNaught-DavisNames of the Old Cuthbertians and Old Worksopians who died in the two World Wars can be found here. We are gradually finding information about the individuals listed and are adding it as and when we can.
N.M. HallAn archive of Worksop College going back to 1920. Includes results, team photos, representative honours etc.