Roll of honour

The following lists denote the names of the Old Cuthbertians (1914-1918), Old Worksopians (1939-1945) and College staff who made the ultimate sacrifice during the two World Wars. We would like to publish more information about all of them – if you know of any further information please get in touch – hyperlinked names link through a page containing further information on that individual.


R.D.B. Anderson
W.A.S. Bayliss
L.A. Billinton
W.B. Binder
W. Booth
P.C.W. Bosworth
C.S. Bott
B.V.R. Bownman
F.C. Brown
C.R. Buckley
E. Buckley
B.H. Butler
C.V. Campbell
H. Carter
N.C. Carter
J.H.F. Clarke
H.P. Clayton
P.G.B. Cooper
B.W. Cotterell
B.J.S. Coverley
A.P. Dale
G.F. Dale
F.G. Danby
F.A. Davies
L.R. Davies
J.W.F. McN. Davis
L. Dawson
B.M.R. Denny
H Dickinson
W.F.T. Dixon
J.R.H. Ellis
Li. L. M. Evans
F.F. Fidler
J. Fish
K.C. Fisher-Brown
W.G.F. Flowers
V. Francis
B. Gelsthorpe
F. Gilbert
J.H. Godley
C.H. Godwin
A.S.A. Goodrich
E.J.W. Gray
A.F.W. Greeves
J.W. Greeves
E.L.E Hallam
A.W. Harvey
D.P. Harvey
J.C. Hodges
J.V. Hull
E. Inman
N. Inman
H. Jacks
F.L.H. Jackson
R.E. Jeffrey
G.G. Kitchen
H. St. C. L’amie
W.E.M. Lewis
F.A.J. Longley
J.E. Lowe
P.W. Maclagan
E. Marsden
N. Martin
A.L. Morrison
J.F. Mowbray
J.S. Palliser
W.W. Peacock
G.B.H. Plant
A.E. Powell
T.H. Preston
R.F. Richardson
A. Rogers
W.H. Rushton
G.H. Salmon
G.F. Shute
F.G. Sinkinson
E.P. Sowby
E.W.P. Stamper
E.W. Stiles
R.E. Taylor
H.R. Thelwell
E.L. Thomas
A.M. Thompson
B.H. Townsley
R.C. Vernon
E.Y. Wadeson
W.E.G. Walker
O.T. Walton
C.S. Webster
B.H. Whitley
W.A. Wood
C.G. Woodburn
R.B. Wooler


J.S. Alexander
G.R. Alton-Smith
R.A. Almond
T.A.S. Anderson
J.E. Anthony
D.L. Atkinson
W.H. Bailey
F.N. Baird
T. Birkhead
H.E. Bradshaw
R.N.B. Brooker
J.E. Browning
G.M. Burnett
R.B. Butler
R.D. Caldecott
R.M. Carrell
D.E.C. Coleman
J.D. Cowan
M.S.S. Crosbie
W.T. Davies
C.J. Dixon
J.R.T. Donne
A.W.B. Drayson
T.H. Elsom
T.H. Ely
J.A. Esam
K. Farnes
H.D. Francis
R.V. Galt
P.A. Goodley
D.R. Gray
F.W.M. Greaves
H.V.G. Green
J.C. Greenfield
N.A. Grey
A.G. Harrison
G.S. Hartley
P.N. Harvey
A.R. Hill
P.K. Hope
R.B. Hope
K.H.L. Houghton
K.D. Hounsfield
H.D. Jennison
A.R. Johnson
J.W. Jordan
D. Kay
R.F. Keighley
G.B. Kidd
R. Kinsey
R.I. Knox
A.R. Laing
P. Leefe
J.H. Lindley
R.L. Lloyd
W.D. McConnell
A.D. Maher
F. Martin
J.L. Martin
R.H. Matthews
E.W.R. Mawhood
F.V. Mellish
J.B. Millar
P. Milward
K.M. Morrison
J.M. Nickerson
J.F. Overton
W.A.C. Patterson
J.K. Purdon
G.G. Read
R.S. Rennie
G.E. Russell
L.D. Rymer
G. Rysdale
J.S. Shakespeare
E.G. Shaw
D.L. Simpson
P.C. Simpson
A. Simpson-Smith
C.A.B. Slack
P.R. Smith
G.C. Stacey
G.H. Stephens
I.G.P. Sutherland
P.J. Taylor
E.R. Thomas
J.E. Thompson
J.R.M. Tompkins
P.G. Turner
H.D. Tyne
J. Vecqueray
H.D. Venables
S.D. Wall
D.H. Walshaw
J.F. Wardle
M. Wayman
J.B. Wentworth-Smith
G. Whitaker
W.M. Whiteley
G.M. Wyatt
S.A. Wykes
D.N. Youens

Their names liveth for evermore.

One thought on “Roll of honour

  1. Richard Bucknall


    2nd Lt CG Woodburn who died in the Battle of Loos 25th September 1915 after being in France for a short time. He is a forgotten relative who attended Worksop College and I am trying to find out more about him. Should you have any information about him then I would be grateful to know.

    Kind Regards

    Richard Bucknall


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