The Dorm Run

Today (24th March) is the 96th running of the Dorm Run. Despite the first event taking place in 1902, the race has been cancelled a number of times due to war, illness and weather. The last time the race was cancelled was 1977, meaning we have had a continuous run of 38 years, the longest ever! In previous years, the race always took place on Shrove Tuesday meaning the weather was often poor. Today could be an interesting day, not because the identity of the winner is in any doubt, but more the time the winner may achieve. 1:55 800m man Oliver Dane (4th place at the England Schools 800m in 2014) will almost certainly win the race, but can he become the first Vth former to run sub 21 minutes? That last race cancellation in 1977 not only dashed Jack Buckner’s chances of breaking his course record (20:38) of the year before but meant he would not be able to win the race 4 times – something that has to date never been achieved. Conditions on the course have a huge impact on the winning time and a fast winning time is not only indicative of a good runner, but also good underfoot conditions. The current Vth form record stands at 21:14 set in 1990 by S.T. Lewis (1988-1993) – he was a Welsh international steeplechaser and ran 3:45 for the 1500m at Loughborough post-Worksop. A full list of Dorm Run winners etc can be found here.

One thought on “The Dorm Run

  1. Malcolm Smith

    I well remember the Dorm Run. My first year in 1955 I came 52nd, in 1956 I was 18th (good enough for house colours) then 1957 was my best result when I was7th. There was strong competition in those days with people like Hill and Griffiths who were unbeatable. My best time ever was when I ran solo on a training run for the school cross country team. I had arrived late for the start so Mr Coggan sent me off after the others.


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